6/4 Sets Mail, Freebie, CG trade & E-Bays


retired hippie
Scan below,

Top left freebie from Sligwill, an Ernest Wilford H.P. r/c for the set. It's a miracle this one arrived as the envelope had lost it's seal & was fully opened the card was wrapped by a sheet of paper, important thing is I did get it, I needed it, thanks a ton bud 1st thing I've gotten for this set in a while.

Top right an E-Bay store bin 03 Finite 1st class LT 42/100 cost 2.50 + shipping.

Middle left, from E-Bay auction cost 1.77 + shipping, 2000 Prestige Checklist auto Joey Galloway.

Last 2 are from a trade with member sffanmike25, thanks Mike, these 2 get me down to 3 for the full set of 31. 2000 Prestige checklist auto's, 1. Qadry Ismail & 2. Jimmy Smith