6 2007 Donruss Elite Boxes for Sale


Bench Warmer
Bounty's Group Buy will be doing 7-8 boxes, and to insure that we have a fair shot at the autographs I will buy a 12 box case. So that means I will have 4 extra boxes.

The cost of the box is $80 (if it is less I will refund). I am also charging $5.30 for Priority mail, $2.05 for insurnance, $0.65 for D/C, and a $2.86 PayPal fee. Which brings the total to $91.

Tentative release date is 6/7. Paypal only, payment is expected on/before 6/4. Trust issues/box searcher? Ask around, I have done a group box buy with a case of 2005 Upper Deck Legends and 2005 Upper Deck SPA on CP. Boxes will be shipped the day I get the case (probably the release date), and before Bounty's Group Buy opens their boxes.

1 Box $91
2 Boxes $174

1. ronic
2. cano_collector
3. cano_collector
4. cano_collector

Post if your are interested or have any questions.
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You are talking Football, correct? I have one hell of a migraine going right now......so can't think......If so, can I send you a check also, as I just used all my PayPal at Dave&Adams. If not, I can put more in there, it would just take however many days it takes for them to make the transaction.....?

LMK by pm, okay?

I'm editing this in another color so you can see...lol - I just put mulah in paypal, so it will be there by Friday at the latest, if that's okay with you? Lmk, 'k? Thanks!!
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I guess I can take a check, but I won't send the box until it clears. Just subtract the paypal fees from the cost.

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Boxes have been shipped. Please let us know what you get in them.

Hopefully here tomorrow. We are looking for a new place to move into (House) so I am not here a lot and I will not be able to scan them when I get them but I will LYK the "HITS"