4 Boxes 06/07 SPA Hockey (must see!!)


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Got 20 auto's in the 4 boxes :D . Two of the boxes were very very kind :cheers:.

For those that don't know, SPA early release cases also contained Rookies & Auto's from 05/06 that were intended for a 2nd release last year that was canceled, making some of the boxes extra nice, I only got 2 of those this time. If you missed the other 3 boxes I busted earlier there were some awsome hits including a Malkin, Staal, & Stastny r/c Auto's.

1st scan
05/06 r/c Auto, Ole-Kristian Tollefsen, Blue Jackets, 849/999
05/06 r/c Auto, Ryan Hollweg, Rangers, 993/999
06/07 r/c Auto, Marc-Edouard Vlasic, 537/999
06/07 r/c Auto, Nate Thompson, Bruins, 690/999
06/07 r/c Auto, Drew Stafford, 553/999
06/07 r/c Auto, Janis Sprukts, 478/999
06/07 r/c Auto, Ladislav Smid, Oilers, 413/999
06/07 r/c Auto Redemption, Jessie Schultz xxx/999


2nd scan
06/07 SOTT Auto Johnny Buck
05/06 SOTT Auto Tim Gleason
05/06 SOTT Auto Mart Turco
05/06 SOTT Auto Jim Slater


Niceness starts here :D ;)


3rd Scan
05/06 Sign of the Times Quad Auto # 08/10, all rookies
Alexander Steen, Leafs
Alexander Ovechkin, Capitals, Note: Serial # is his Jersey #
Corey Perry, Ducks
Jeff Carter, Flyers

More niceness ahead :dance:

4th scan
05/06 Sign of the Times Quad Auto's #05/10
Wayne Gretzky, Kings
Dave Taylor, Kings
Rogie Vachon, Kings
Marcel Dionne, Kings

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