3 Tins of UD Baseball's Heroes


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I don't know what is up with me and opening stuff today... I couldn't help myself. It was a decent break, but I felt a little disappointed. This is from the 05 UD Baseball Heroes Tins.


I think they're all going on the bay.


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I opened three of those. Got an Al Kaline GU, Carlton GU, and a Molitor Auto/15. Also pulled a Ruth base card/10 or /15 don't remember. The ruth sold for the most....but I paid much more than $36 per tin. I got it when it was new at my overpriced local shop for $65 per:mad:


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I'm too lazy to see what the Sandberg's are going for on the bay, if it's worth your while you can keep it for the next College send off, I'm a Cubs fan to a degree (my generation)......Jeff