3 Box Group Break Of 08 Donruss Classic


Bench Warmer
I will be holding a group break brought to you by www.sportscardfreaks.com & tazmocan

Please take the time to read over the rules before you purchase your team(s). Please note in the poll that you agree with the rules

1) Group Breaks are to be held by moderators only.

2) Only members may reserve a team within 24 hours of the reservations being live. After the first 24 hours, moderators will be permitted to reserve teams.

3) During the first 3 days of the reservation process no more than 2 teams may be reserved by any member/moderator per 24 hours.

4) An announcement will be made at least 3 days in advance of a group break as to when and what product will be offered for team reservation/purchase.

5) Team/subset reservation/selection is on a first-come/first-serve basis, and will be judged by timestamps on individual reservation posts.

6) Once a team/subset is reserved by a member, that decision is final, there will be no editing of reservation/selection posts or changing teams. Make your decisions carefully!

7) Teams may be sold or traded to another member only after the selection is paid for by the original purchaser. The suggested trade or sale value being that of the original cost of team(s).

8) Payment is due by PayPal only, unless previous arrangements have been made with the break's organizer. Do not reserve a team if you cannot pay by PayPal and have not made other arrangements. Payment must be made within 3 days of reservation. Special arrangements may be made with the break's organizer. If payment is not made within the specified time period, the team(s) reserved, will become available to other members again, unless special arrangements have been made.

9) In the case of non-payment for team(s) reserved, that team(s) will be offered for resale in the last 24 hours before the box break. In the case of non-resale of the specified team(s), the team lot(s) will be:
a. Placed into a random contest to be held within 48 hrs of the box break, open only to participants in that particular break.
b. Held solely by the organizer (Mod) - To be determined at the organizer's (Mod) discretion.

10) In the case of players not assigned to an offered team or subset in the product (unsigned, undrafted etc...), those cards will be
a. Placed into a special contest pool to be awarded during a contest open to only participants of the break.
b. Held solely by the organizer (Mod) - To be determined at the organizer's (Mod) discretion.

11) In the case of a card pulled featuring two or more players on different teams, the card will go to the person who reserved their team(s) first. Order of reservation will be determined by the time stamp on the reservation request post. (Example: If a Dual autograph card is pulled featuring a player from the Lions and a player from the Steelers, and the teams were reserved in this order: Lions at 12:01 pm, Steelers at 12:03 pm, the card will go to the member who purchased the Lions.) In the event of multiple posts with the same time stamp, the order of post, (as determined by the site software), will determine the order of reservation.

12) In the case of a card pulled with no team denoted on the card, the player jersey will determine the team. If there is no team denoted and no jersey those cards will be
a. Placed into a special contest pool to be awarded during a contest open to only participants of the break.
b. Held solely by the organizer (Mod) - To be determined at the organizer's (Mod) discretion.

13) Any disputes arising from the results of the break will be referred back to these rules. There will be no deviation from the rules at any time. In the case of a dispute involving something not covered by these rules, any decision made by the organizer (Mod), to settle the dispute, will be final.

3 boxes of 2008 Donruss Classics

I will be ordering the box once payments are made and will have the break here.

You purchase a team, and every card pulled from that team is yours! 1/1's, AUTOS, GU's, Parallels, Inserts, Base, EVERYTHING!

All teams are $12 unless marked otherwise

TEAMS GO LIVE NOW I will put the inserts and all the goodies on youtube so everyone can see. I will not put the base or rookies as there will probably be too many. And i wll post the link so all can see there cards.

* 3 autograph or memorabilia cards (with at least one autograph)
* 1 Rookie Timeless Tribute
* 1 Common Timeless Tribute
* 1 other Timeless Tribute
* 1 Rookie
* 1 Legend
* 2 School or Old School Colors
* 2 Classic Singles, Combo, Triple, or Quad or parallel version
* 1 Saturday Stars or Saturday Stars parallel
* 1 Sunday's Best or Sunday's Best parallel
* 1 Monday Night Heroes or Monday Night Heroes parallel

And 4 others of the following: Parallels, Rookies, Legends, School Colors, Old School Colors, Classic Singles, Classic Combos, Classic Triples, Classic Quads, Timeless Treasures, Saturday Stars, Sunday's Best, Monday Night Heroes


Cowboys-$15 - SQ180-------------------PAID
Giants - ctkenjr ----------------PAID
Eagles - dtrainddog ----------------PAID
Redskins - stevesokol21--------------------PAID
Cardinals - BHELSER1981 ----------------PAID
49'ers - cardsarekev ------------------PAID
Rams - tazmocan --------------- PAID
Seahawks - tazmocan -----------PAID
Bears - atrain2004 ------------------PAID
Lions - Dlong1---------------PAID
Packers - ctkenjr -------------PAID
Vikings-$15 - Dlong1------------PAID
Falcons - DAKOTA343----------------PAID
Buccaneers - cardsarekev ------------------------------PAID
Saints - BSC ---------------------------PAID per friend
Bills - BEARFIELD -----------------------PAID
Dolphins - ctkenjr -------------------PAID
Jets - frank Mcdee ------------------------------- PAID
Patriots-$15 - DAKOTA343---------------PAID
Broncos - cardsarekev -------------------------PAID
Chiefs - cwbennett ---------------------------- PAID
Chargers - BEARFIELD --------------------------PAID
Raiders-$15 - atrain2004 -------------------------PAID
Ravens - Frankmcdee-------------------------------PAID
Bengals - BHELSER1981 -----------------------------PAID
Steelers - dtrainddog --------------------PAID
Jaguars - -BHELSER1981 --------------------------PAID
Browns - ctkenjr --------------------PAID
Texans - stevesokol21-------------------------PAID
Titans - ac-n-mike -----------------------PAID
Colts-$15 - SQ180------------------PAID
Panthers -atrain2004-----------------PAID