3-Box Break Happening NOW!


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Getting this one ready, I have the following boxes I will be busting later this evening:

99-00 Upper Deck Series 2

09-10 Topps Jumbo X 2 ---I've wanted to get some of these for awhile now :party3:

I have a box of 00-01 Upper Deck on the way as well, it might be there today but I won't know till I get home. I like some of the old stuff just for fun and b/c it's fairly cheap.

I will keep you posted......


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Fun box, I love older stuff..99-00 recap:

Michael Jordan Cool Air Insert
Kevin Garnett High Definition Insert
Jason Terry RC
Scottie Pippen Star Surge Insert
Scottie Pippen High Definition
Anfernee Hardaway Biographics Insert
Wally Szczerbiak RC

And 1 out of 288 packs......Kenny Thomas 2CLR Game Jersey. LOL


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Now 09-10 Jumbo 1st Box:

Just listing the main hits, I got many other gold & chrome refractors as well....

Base rookies of all star players

Tyreke Evans Gold RC #1988/2009
Jrue Holiday Chrome RC #477/999
Jordan Hill Chrome RC #834/999
Brandon Jennings Chrome RC #867/999
Al Throton Roundball Remnants Jsy
Shaq O'Neal All-Star Jsy #28/100
Adam Morrison Roundball Remnants Jsy
Dr. J Championship Materials 3CLR Jsy (Sweet Red/White/Blue)

Jrue Holiday McDonald's All-American Auto RC


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09-10 Topps Jumbo 2:

The main hits..

Base rookies of all the star players
James Harden Chrome RC #27/500
Stephen Curry Chrome RC #845/999
Kobe Bryant All-Star Jsy#23/199
Jerryd Bayless Auto Jsy #49/299
Paul Gasol All-Star Jsy #79/100
Kevin Martin Roundball Remnants Jsy
Zydrunas Ilgauskas Roundball Remnants Jsy
Mike Miller #1/1 Yellow Printing Plate

This Jumbo boxes are fun