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So, every once in a while I just absolutely lose my mind and really overpay for this crrazy hobby that I addicted to, and today is one of those times and I figured I would share it woth all of you. I went and picked up a hobby box of 2013 Topps Tribute for $285 for six packs with one hit per pack, so here I go:

Pack 1

Bryce Harper- nice start
Aroldis Chapman (PC!)
Yu Darvish
Giancarlo Stanton
and the hit.....
Reggie Jackson Bat relic blue variation numbered to 50!

Very nice start!
Pack 3

Sandy Koufax
Manny Machado RC
Ted Williams
Gary Carter

Matt Cain Tribute to the Stars Green Jersey numbered to 49
Pack 5

Alex Rodriquez
Albert Pujols
Yoenis Cespedes
Stan Musial blue variation numbered to 99

Ken Griffey Sr. Tribute transitions duel bat relic numbered to 99 (PC)
Last Pack

Matt Holliday
Buster Posey
Jose Bautista
Bob gibson Green variation numbered to 75

a redemption :(

Tribute Blue Parrallel Pablo Sandoval
Nice hits looks like you got some great stuff from that break. Congrats.

Thanks Kirk, a little dissapointed overall but this product does always have some nice stuff. I will probably be listing most of it and see if I might get another box later.

Hot base cards

The Base Variations

Game Used:

and the autos..

plus the redemption, of course.

Best thing about the break was some decent PC items and the Reggie Jackson was sweet. The oddest thing about the break was the Adam Jones #/99 was on card and the Trevor Bauer #/24 was a sticker! :headbang:
Yes that auto sticker/auto on-card is strange. Guess it has something to do with the subset of "Tribute to the Stars"? The "Stars" get the fancier design and sticker? Adam Jones isn't a "Star"? Tell that to O's fans. :)

The background color variations are cool.

Thanks for sharing.