2013 topps chrome blaster. Football


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Let me just say this. I'm not a blaster box guy. I normally don't buy them. Hobby only for this guy. Tonight I went to Kmart and knocked out some Xmas shopping for my boy and bout (2) chrome football blasters. I love chrome. Always have. So I'm three packs in and hit an auto. A 65 tall boy on card Deandre Hopkins. I tried looking it up and it's not priced in Beckett. I looked on eBay and there are none listed. This is a rare pull for a blaster and I guess in general. I will put a pic up soon but for now I just had to talk about it. The odds of a refractor auto is 1:4,576 packs or something. Don know what it's worth so if someone has seen one listed let me know because I need an idea of what to charge. Thanks for reading. Great blaster break.