2013 Bowman Platinum baseball


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I picked up this box of 2013 Bowman Platinum baseball at the National last weekend, gonna open it old school style in just a few minutes.
Pack #1

Jesse Biddle
Adrian Beltre
CC Sabathia
Mike Piazza
Joey Gallo - blue parallel #191/199
Pack #2

Gerrit Cole
Kyle Zimmer
Cody Buckel - Top Prospects
Yu Darvish
Robert Stephenson
Pack #3

Christian Bethancourt
Salvador Perez
Wade Hinkle - Diamond in the Rough
Victor Sanchez
Javier Baez
Pack #5

Andrew Heaney
Billy Butler
Yasiel Puig - Top Prospects
Tyler Skaggs RC
Cody Buckel
Pack #7

Tyrone Taylor
Gio Gonzalez
Kyle Zimmer - green parallel #366/399
Jarrod Parker
Mark Montgomery
Pack #8

Daniel Vogelbach
Robinson Cano
Nick Castellanos (PC)
Matt Barnes - Die-Cut
Kyle Zimmer
Pack #9

Ty Hensley
Rob Brantly RC
Justin Upton
Carlos Correa

and a HIT...

Carlos Correa Auto Prospect Green Refractor :) Redemption:(