Baseball 2013 Bowman Platinum 6 box case break


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Hey guys I thought it would be awesome to possibly do a 6 box case break of the sick and highly anticipated 2013 Bowman Platinum baseball. The cost would be $36.50 for 1 picked team and one random team. If there are any dual or triple autos I will randomize the names of the people involved to see who gets it. Unfortunately I can not do it through a live stream because of the internet I have at home but I will post the video on YouTube and post links in this thread. I will random the teams about an hour before I do the break and post the results. If you are interested let me know and if we get enough people this will happen! bdcasebreaks will help in this break and that they will use there discount to make this case break cheaper for everyone!

Here is the product info!
Every Box Includes
- 2 Autographed Prospect Refractors(12 total)
- 1 Refractor Autographed Relic(6 total)

People in the break:
1.scottyb13: Diamondbacks and one random
2.franklinguy52: Dodgers and one random
3. captkirk42: Nationals and one random
4. Luke Anderson: Twins and one random
5. Ethan: Mariners and one random
6. Rigo Tovar: Cubs and one random
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For those of you that are not into baseball, this is one of the hottest rookie sets of the year and they have began to add a lot of veterans in. The hottest teams, if just to try to make money, are the Twins (Byrun Buxton) and the Astros (Carlos Correa). But their are hits in this product for every team, so lets get this one filled up!
I think the dodgers should be off limits till Franklin decides what's going on because the price changed and the format. It wouldn't be fair for him .