2012 Topps Strata


Mr. Baseball
71 (100%)
I have mainly been getting into breaks lately but there nothing better than opening your own. I picked up a blaster of 2012 Topps Strata at my local Target and thought I would share.

Pack 1
Randy Moss
Beanie Wells
Josh Freeman
LeSean McCoy
Robert Griffin RC base
Mohamed Sanu RC

Not a bad start


Mr. Baseball
71 (100%)
Pack 3

Michael Vick (My dog just ran and hid:()
Frank Gore
Dez Bryant (PC)
Jason Witten (Back to back PC)
Courtney Upshaw RC
Chandler Jones RC


78 (100%)
Not a bad blaster, really. Can't beat opening a blaster and getting all (or at least the biggest part) of the base cards from America's Team! :D