2012 Topps Baseball


Mr. Baseball
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Well, I opened my first jumbo hobby box of the new set and here are the hits:


Drew Stubbs Jersey, bein a Reds fan this was a nice hit for me.


Gio Gonzalez Auto unnumbered and a sticker as usual, but could be a nice card in the future if he pans out.


Big Papi Medal Medallion numbered 94/736. This was a nice hit, it is very thick card with a fairly heavy replica medallion.

Not the biggest hits but a nice start to the new baseball card seaon. I also picked up 2 of the Prime 9 redemption cards.
Nice break! That Big Papi is sweet! Wish you would have made that picture as big as the first one though. :p
Thanks, I actually set them all to the same size and that is how they came out. I tried to fix them but I was tired and got frustrated so I just left it. It really is a sweet card!