2012 Topps 1957 Red Target #1 Andrew Luck

I have a couple of 57 style. I'll take a few pics and upload to my bucket. Them you can see if it's the ones you need
Cancel that. I only have 2 blue border #2. I thought one was green. Because they have a green background on the right side picture
lmao...apparently...But don't worry,I am still bidding on some. I just do not want to buy any boxes out there right now...I'm waiting on the chromes...
Bowman Is out. I have all three players base but no foil cards. I'd love their minis. They are sweet. I'm a buy it now kinda guy but funds are low till Wednesday. Lol. There's a tavon silver ice on eBay now and it's sick.
Check your inbox brotha. I gave you a rundown of what I'm sending out this coming week. I'll throw the lucks in with it. It's a ton of cards lol. And a Michael brokers auto along with George iloka auto. I didn't have they base but the can be replacement cards till you get their base stuff. Cause I've got u maybe 10 cards away from completing prestige
Thank you so much...okay,the ice is one I think I've put a bid in on...I'm looking at some golds and blues,and mini's too...I have a few bids in on auto's too...I will be in touch...
Ok. That's awesome man. Looking forward to it. Make sure to let me know when you relieve your stuff and if youre happy with it. Talk with ya soon. Thanks again
One more thing:). This makes me happy. I'm sending you a David Wilson if bet a million bucks you don't have. 2013 bowman red ice #22/25. Jersey numbered. Don't know if you care about that but I figure youre a fan of him. That's coming too. Along with a Bruce smith card in his vtech uni. And 4 other Wilson's you don't have. But I wanted you to know about the boat. It's pretty sweet. Catch ya later
making progress.I finally won one :
2013 SHOWCASE STEADMAN BAILEY AUTOGRAPHED ROOKIE CARD #75/89...I'll keep chipping away.and thanks again...thank you so much! I'll make sure it will be a great trade when all is said and done (y)