Football 2012 Spx box break

Luke Anderson

Transactions: 11
1 numbered rookie auto jersey
1 Memorabilia card
2 additional auto or memorabilia
2 numbered Spx finite rookies
3 Spx shadow slot cards

Hey guys my wife wants to get into doing breaks. I'm super excited for her and will do anything I can for her to succeed. So I purchased this box so she can try it out. She will be the person in the video talking and opening cards. I'll just be doing the camera lol. So please help her out and join this box break and hopefully more will come in time.

this will be a random team break. Using
Will be done Live on I will pm you guys the channel. Then it will be posted on youtube as well.

cost: 1 team 5.00
. 2 team 9.00
3 team 13.00

mike- 3 teams
franklinguy- 3 teams 3 discount teams
luke- 3 teams
cool hand- 3 teams
Jmattt33- 6 teams
Jason m- 2 teams
grrowl- 2 teams
She def will be licking the box u remember mike held up the box she licked and bam a russel Wilson auto jersey. I'll add ya tell your friends
The box has arrived my online fellow traders. So to help finish this up all new sign uppers we will sell for 4 bucks per team and for those who already posted for spots its 2.50 additional teams. Lets get this kicked off it feels like a heavy box too