2012 Allen & Ginter 2 Box Break


Bench Warmer
Went to my LCS today and had to grab my favorite product of the year every year, Allen & Ginter! I ended up getting 2 boxes, and even though I didn't get anything huge, I still feel pretty good about my break!

First, the Cabinet card boxloaders:

Then some jersey cards:

Ooh, look, a pair of AUTOS!

And finally, a SWEET no number mini of Sandy Koufax!

I'm pleased with the Koufax, the Goldschmidt is totally PC for me, and I really enjoyed opening the boxes! Another successful Ginter debut for me!


TP9 | VC15
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Nice stuff. I'm definitely going to have to chase that Culinary Curiosities set. That said, if you want to move that one let me know what you'd need for it.


Bench Warmer
I put together the set every year, so the minis are NFT at this time. If I end up getting some duplicates I'll keep y'all in mind, though!


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I bought a box of it but I"m not going to put the set together so let me know what you need for your set and I'll send whatever I can to help out.