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Hello guys! I am new to your forum! I ran across something strange today as I was opening 2010 Upper Deck Blaster Packs. I am curious if anyone has run across anything similar yet. I came across what appears to be a Gold card it is #225 Carlos Lee - The Upper Deck logo, player's name and the trim are all gold, but it is missing the stamp with the number above the player photo( i.e. 36/99 or the like). Upon close inspection there is a faint rectangle visible where the number stamp should be, but the stamp itself is missing. I have attached a photo of the standard card with silver stamping and the gold one I have run across. it is hard to see the difference, but I attached it so you all could take a look...

Thanks for any input!


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I have not purchased any of the Upper Deck product, especially now that they are in legal trouble with MLB. I can't say I've heard of anything like this before, but this stuff has happened in other products before. If you contact UD, they will probably tell you that it was a manufacturing error and might offer to fix it.

That being said, the card has no high value due to this error.