2010 Prestige Break FT/FS MOJO


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Decided to open a box of the prestige thanks to Atrain after seeing his awesome hits. I too got lucky....

HIT 1:

Jason Worilds Auto /399

HIT 2:

James Starks auto/599

HIT 3:

Marques Colston PP Jsy /50

HIT 4:

Colt McCoy Pro Helmet Signature

I found out why all the scans are coming out like saints color helmets....the helmet is made of rubber and somehow doesnt scan at the right color, here is a few pics i took with my iphone:

The McCoy is only for trade for a Ryan Mathews Prestige auto, or else it is FS otherwise....lmk thanks


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just noticed i was your inspiration to bust some... local buddy of mine saw my breaks went and bought 2 and got bent sideways lol name his autos i barely new 1 of the 4 lol... I may be trying 3 more this evening... lol


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rednecksims said:
Is there a certain Matthews auto of to Presitge your looking for?

Well i want all Ryan Mathews autos...

but i would want a:

Letter auto the most
helmet auto or patch auto (NFL logo)
then the other normal on card and sticker autos...

of course i would probably need more than just the Mathews auto inless its a really mice one or low numbered....


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How much for the McCoy? Also did you pull anything of Dez Bryant and Tim Tebow. If so, I have some Mathews stuff to trade for them