2008 UD Draft edition Break


Bench Warmer
Just broke a box of the new 2008 Upperdeck Draft edition and it wasnt to bad all are ft/fs

Jake Long/Mike Hart #/100
John David Booty/Fre Davis #/175

Also got a ton of other inserts and I think every rookie

Sam Keller Nebraska
Erin Henderson Maryland
Xavier Adibi Virginia Tech
Jacob Tamme Kentucky
Joe Flacco Delaware
I just busted a retail blaster of this product, all of the veteran cards have the 2008 Rookie Card emblem on them, as well as the rookies. Did this carry through into Hobby boxes or is it perhaps a printing error in retail?? Also, for those who might be wondering, there are no numbered parallels in retail, but there are parallels with a green foil.
I've added a scan to illustrate, 1 rookie and 1 veteran....look in the upper left corner of the cards ( I fooled with the color settings to try and bring the foil stamp out better)
Randallcards- I didnt reply to the Pm b/c I replied here

BSC- Yes the Rooke stamp on the vets did carry over into the hobby boxes

TimTebow-didnt see anything