2008 Playoff Prestige FT/FS & Some other stuff too


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So I sent back a damaged pack of 2007 SP Rookie Edition baseball and they sent me back 3 more packs as a replacement (and also my damaged pack...lol)! Pulled an auto out of the third pack so I'm am starting to feel a little warm and fuzzy again for UD after this and the nice NPN I received last week.

All is FT/FS except those listed as PC, some will obviously be a little harder to get at than others (Ray Rice...hint hint ;) ) I'd like to trade the baseball 4 baseball (Red Sox) and football 4 football if at all possible, but not tied to that idea.

2007 SP Rookie Edition Baseball

Jeff Baker RC #102(Rockies)
Chase Wright RC #106 & #242(Yankees)
Homer Bailey RC #110(Reds)
Ryan Braun RC #115(Royals)
Kei Igawa RC #119(Yankees)
Delmon Young RC #141(Rays)
Alex Gordon Foil RC #205(Royals)
Brandon Morrow Foil RC #218(Mariners)
Brandon Morrow Foil RC #218(Mariners) *wrinkle on foil SASE & it's yours
Troy Tulowitzki Foil RC #231(Rockies)
Danny Putnam RC #244 (A's)
Sean Henn RC #257 (Yankees)
Andy LaRoche RC #260 (Dodgers)
Rick Vanden Hurk RC #261 (Marlins)
Ben Francisco RC #280 (Indians)

Josh Hamilton RC Auto #159 (Reds) bv$20.00

Jonathan Papelbon #59 x2 (Red Sox)- PC
Freddy Sanchez #38 (Pirates)
Jimmy Rollins #35 (Phillies)
Victor Martinez #64 (Indians)
Mike Sweeney #71 (Royals)
Omar Vizquel #45 (Giants)
Prince Fielder #28 (Brewers) x2
Jonathan Papelbon #59 *worn corner (Red Sox) SASE & it's yours
Felix Hernandez #88 (Mariners)
Francisco Rodriguez #75 (Angels)
Roy Oswalt #21 (Astros)
Cole Hamels #34 (Phillies)
Stephen Drew #4 (D-Backs)

So I had to bust a box of this after picking up a few packs the other day and here is what I came up with. All of these will be for sale or trade for other 08 rookies that I need. Sell prices are in parentheses and are PWE prices...need $2 additional for bm and dc.

Rookies (*possible sp NFT/S)
Rashard Mendenhall (4.50)
Joe Flacco (4.50)
Leodis McKelvin - PC
Colt Brennan (6.00)
Jacob Hester (2.50)
Dennis Dixon (2.50)
Earl Bennett (2.50)
Kalvin McRae (2.50)
John Carlson (2.50)
Matt Forte (2.50)
Cory Boyd (2.50)
Jacob Tamme (2.50)
Thomas Brown (2.50)
Derrick Harvey (2.50)
Dorien Bryant (2.50)
Lavelle Hawkins (2.50)
Martin Rucker (2.50)
Eddie Royal (2.50)
Quentin Groves (2.50)
Curtis Lofton (4.00)
Harry Douglas *
Anthony Alridge (2.50)
Terrell Thomas (2.50)
Mark Bradford (2.50)
Chad Henne (4.50)
Josh Johnson (2.50)
Allen Patrick (2.50)
Jermichael Finley (2.50)
Andre Caldwell NFL Draft (3.00)
Justin Forsett DP #'d/999 (3.00)
Cory Boyd DP #'d/999 (3.00)
Allen Patrick DP #'d/999 (3.00)
Mike Hart Xtra Points #'d/250 (4.00)
Ali Highsmith Xtra Points #'d/100 (5.00)
Andre Caldwell Xtra Points #'d/50 (7.00)
Quentin Groves Prestigious Picks #'d/500 (3.00)
Kenny Phillips Prestigious Picks #'d/500 (3.00)
Calais Campbell Prestigious Picks #'d/750 (3.00)
Marcus Monk Prestigious Picks #'d/750 (3.00)
Craig Steltz Prestigious Picks #'d/750 (3.00)
Keith Rivers Prestigious Picks #'d/1000 (3.00)
Terrell Thomas Prestigious Picks #'d/1000 (3.00)
Sidney Rice 2007 Prestige RC? (make me an offer)

let me know who you need! I've got a bunch of almost everyone! (1-2ea)
Ladainian Tomlinson Prestigious Pros #'d/100 (4.50)
Tom Brady Prestigious Pros #'d/250 (4.50)
Tom Brady Prestigious Pros #'d/1000 (3.00)
Warrick Dunn Prestigious Pros #'d/500 (2.50)
Larry Johnson Prestigious Pros #'d/1000 (3.00)
Cutler/Marshall Connections #'d/100 (8.00)
Andre Johnson Xtra Points #'d/100 (4.00)
Larry Fitzgerald Xtra Points #'d/250 (3.00)
Greg Ellis Award Winners #'d/25 (5.00)
Terrell Owens Stars of the NFL (3.00)
Brady/Romo/Manning/Roethlisberger League Leaders (5.00)


Jamar Adams Auto #'d/100 (Taking Offers)

Xavier Adibi Jersey #'d/250 (Taking Offers)

Marques Colston Auto #'d/100 (Taking Offers)

and finally a little something for my PC

Felix Jones Jersey #'d/250 NFT

Thanks for looking! Please PM me if you are interested in anything.
swishymasta said:
wanna trade with tha swishymastahhh?

i can trade you 30 bv for this..lmk

Jermichael Finley RC
i heard its a SUPER short print!!

I just started hearing about these short prints, they're like 1 per case or something....where can I see a list?