Hockey 2008-09 FLEER ULTRA Hockey


Bench Warmer

APPROXIMATE Release Date: 10/02/2008
24 packs per box, 8 cards per pack

Each box contains (2) Game-Used Jersey Cards or Autograph Cards!! Find (6) Rookie Cards and (1) Rookie Redemption Card per box!

Find Gold Medallion Parallels and E-X Hockey inserts, including rare E-X Jambalaya Cards!!

Insert Cards
o Scoring Kings - Inserted 1:6
o Difference Makers - Inserted 1:6
o Franchise Players - Inserted 1:12
o Season Crowns - Inserted 1:12
o EX Hockey - Inserted 1:8
o EX Essential Credentials Red // (#'d to 99 or less)
o EX Essential Credentials Green // (#'d to 99 or less)
o EX Hockey Jambalaya - Inserted 1:864

o Regular Cards Gold Medallions Parallel - Inserted 1:1
o Ultra Rookies Gold Medallions Parallel - Inserted 1:8
o Rookie Redemption Gold Medallions Parallel - Inserted 1:288
o Regular Cards Ice Medallions Parallel (#'d up to 100)
o Ultra Rookies Ice Medallions Parallel (#'d up to 100)
o Rookie Redemption Ice Medallions Parallel (# up to 100)

Memorabilia Cards
o Ultra Uniformity - Inserted 1:12

Autograph Cards
o Fresh Ink - Inserted 1:288

Regular Cards and Rookies
o 200 Regular Cards
o Ultra Rookies - Inserted 1:4
i haven't been a big fan of this product, the script names are hideous IMO, i guess the pics are solid though, and i liked the phonetic spellings on the back

i usually buy singles of players i like, havent busted a box of it since 2005/06