2007 Michael Vick misprint


Bench Warmer
2007 Michael Vick misprint Trading Card. any idea what the value would be? 2007 all Michael Vick cars were supposed to be taking off the shelves.
feedback is appreciated
I think a scan or picture of the card would be a lot more useful in helping determine the value of this one. Either that, or a lot more information about exactly what card it is that you have. Most "misprints" aren't really worth any more than other similar cards of the same player. Also, I'm not sure why you would think all Vick cards were supposed to have been taken off the shelves, because they're still printing them.

Anyways, get us some more information about the specific card you have and we'll do our best to help you determine a value.
^ As @Mike said usually a misprint card isn't worth all that much more than a regular card of that player (but many collectors think they are).
I don't think they ever pulled Michael Vick cards off the shelves.