2007 CSA Chantilly Show (July 6-8)!


Bench Warmer
I can't wait! The March show was a blast & the upcoming July show looks to be even better. Are any other locals planning on going?



Here is a link to the website along with a list of the current athletes:


Gordie Howe
Warren Moon
Julius Erving
Bobby Hull
Robin Yount
Roger Wehrli
Charlie Sanders
Laron Landry
Jason Campbell
Clinton Portis
Sean Taylor
Santana Moss
Ken Houston
Troy Aikman
Thurman Thomas
Bob St. Clair
Jim Langer
Jan Stenerud
Bobby Bell
Jerry Rice
Larry Csonka
Tommy McDonald
Marshall Faulk
Chuck Bednarik
Whitey Ford
Joe Frazier
Denny McLain
Jim Bunning
Michael Irvin
Mike Sellers
Darryl Johnston
Steve Smith
Eddie Giacomin
I'm spoiled... of all the guys I've gotten autos of, I've never paid for one.

No, wait, I take that back. A couple years ago I paid 5 bucks at this Derrick Mason charity event at a local mall. But for a five spot I got autos from Mason, Eddie George, Chris Sanders, Marcus Robertson, Chris Brown, Tyrone Calico, Brad Hopkins, and several other Titans.