2006 Topps Chrome Question


Bench Warmer
On the Beckett checklist it says there is the following DJ Shockley cards...

231. 2006 Topps Chrome D.J. Shockley 207
232. 2006 Topps Chrome Black Refractors D.J. Shockley 207
233. 2006 Topps Chrome Blue D.J. Shockley 207
234. 2006 Topps Chrome Red Refractors D.J. Shockley 207
235. 2006 Topps Chrome Refractors D.J. Shockley 207
236. 2006 Topps Chrome Special Edition Rookies D.J. Shockley 207
237. 2006 Topps Chrome SuperFractors D.J. Shockley 207

My base Shockley says Special Edition and so does my Refractor, but my Blue version doesnt say it. Is there another one I'm missing or is this screw up by Beckett?
oh so at home I have a Kelly Jennings RC, A kelly Jennings SE RC, and a Kelly jennings SE Refractor. I don't think I have a RC refractor though. Maybe all RC refractors are SE? Crap, I'll see what I can figure out at home tonight.
You're right Chris - The RC Refractors were ALL SE, but the other color refractors were plain refractors. Topps: always out to confuse the little guy. ;)