Football 2006 Oakland Raiders

What will the Raiders final record be?

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Haters, Haters Haters, Those are horrible things to say, If you guys were here OOOOH, I'd kick ya in the shin really hard!!LOL, Stop the Hate, Us Black and White, is mourning:(
0-16 wont happen even the worst teams of the 16 game era have managed to pull a win out of the hat . Even a blind squirrel finds a acorn sometimes ...LOL
I really dont believe its possible. In fact I'll say that their first win comes next week. The Cards and Raiders are basically on the same level when Fitzgerald is out, so I could see the Raiders winning that game. I will also put them down to beat the Texans and one other random upset. So I'll go with 3-13. I really think the Raiders sucking is completely overhyped, yes they are probably the worst team in the NFL right now, but they arent the worst team of all time.