2 Million Sports Cards Dating 1890s to 2007


Bench Warmer
I have for sale over 2 million sports cards. More specifically The oldest going back from even the late 1800's to 2007. Hundreds of Thousands of (inserts, parallels,stars, numbered cards,rookies etc), tobacco cards, game used memorabilia pieces-autographs, jerseys, sports, figures, sets, coins, bottle caps, post cards,tobacco advertisements, oddballs, hundreds of comic books, uncut sheet, programs, hockey sticks, magazines, promotional items, 8x10's, albums, giveaways, newspapers, posters,metal cards, exhibit cards, standup, tickets, 1/1's, numbered cards, calendars, fans, schedules, memorabilia, cereal boxes, supplies, regional sets,and more.

The asking price is $200,000 and the asset market value is over $800,000.

If you are interested call Paul Counts at 405-714-4623 or send a PM. Thanks.
BearsFan51 said:
do u seriousley think someone has that much $$$$$$
You never know Bears......and on that note....if you can't contribute positively to a thread don't post
And to the OP....great price on that huge lot, I hope you find a bulk buyer for it
Do you have a listing of what the Lot includes? That would greatly help you in trying to get your ideal price for the lot.