2 boxes of Classics

ND Zibby

Bench Warmer
I'll list just the hits ???


Archie Manning /999
Lenny Moore /999


Zach Miller /1499 :D
James Jones /1499
Patrick Willis /1499 :D
Jacoby Jones /1499


Classic singles Mike Singletary (white) /250 :D
Classic combos Young (red)/Rice (white) /250 :D

Auto rc's:

Mike Walker /100 :(
Brandon Siler /999 :(
D'Juan Woods /999 :(
Courtney Taylor /100 Redemption :(

Oh well...just as bad as I thought it would be....UPS sucks, I got my package from Blowout today and the box looked like a 300 lb. man used it as a stepstool....The inside boxes were crushed also but no noticable dammage to any of the cards thank God !!! I dont know what I would have done if these GREAT cards would have been damaged...LMK if anyone needs anything......Thanks, Steve
what team is D'juan woods for?

I might need that.....

Havent paid enough attention to know he got picked up....

GO POKES... Nice pull on that.