2 boxes of 2009 Exquisite Football


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2 boxes of 2009 Exquisite Football (scans added)

Well, I was lucky enough to get Duke in Blowout Cards NCAA promo, so I won a case of 2009 Exquisite Football. I partnered up with BJ, so I got 2 boxes and he gets 1...

I wanted to send him box #2, but my daughter wanted to send him box #1...so I sent him box #1...Here are my two boxes...I really wanted a peyton Manning auto though.....

All listed in the order pulled...scans to be up later

Box #2

Thomas Jones base card #13/80
Pat White Rookie Signature Patch (2 color) #136/225
Javon Ringer Signature Nameplates #8/10
Clint Sintim Rookie Signature #12/25
Daryl Johnston Patch (blue) #22/75
Quad Patch 49ers/Raiders Rice (1 color)/Crabtree (2 color)/Rice (3 color)/Heyward-Bey (1 color) #2/20

Bonus pack:
Chris Johnson Biography Signatures Redemption (really wanted Peyton)

Sooooooo.... Box #2 wasn't too bad, nice nameplate auto #/10

On to Box #3....

Greg Jennings Base card #36/80
Mark Sanchez Rookie SIgnature Patch (2 color) #18/99 :party6:
Brian Bobiskie/Lee Evans Rookie SIgnature Dual Jersey Signatures #12/15
Phil Loadholt Rookie Signature Redemption
Dallas Clark Patch #26/75 (white)
Jason Campbell Triple Patch (3 color-1 color-3 color) #18/30 :(

Bonus Pack:

Tyson Jackson/Jason Smith Rookie Bookmarks Auto (3-color/3-color) Patches #2/99

SO....very happy with the sanchez, and dual jersey auto...not so much with Jason Campbell

BJ will probably get his on monday, so I'll update what his box was then...

Probably all hitting E-bay once I find out what the going rate is...


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Well, okay I guess I didn't miss out on anything with my Patriots that I would have bad if Duke didn't cheat. LOL

Nice cards.


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Nice stuff man, that Sanchez is selling around $600 currently. With the others you'll make a nice chunk of change.


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yeah...but i'm itching to know whats in box #1....how about I give you box #2, and I'll keep box #1 :)


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Dacubs? said:
yeah...but i'm itching to know whats in box #1....how about I give you box #2, and I'll keep box #1 :)

I never get my hopes up, especially with UD boxes. If I pull a Glen Coffee Patch Auto RC I'd be happy :eek:
If you are going to put Rice on a card twice atleast get the colors in the right spot. They should have switched the silver to the raiders Rice pic. Hah too bad it wasnt a six patch/jersey card so they could add pics of when Rice was a Seahawk.