11-12 NHL Playoffs


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Anyone keeping track with the Playoffs?

Rangers won game 3 against the Devil's, Rangers up 2-1 in the Series!

Kings head into game 4 with a 3-0 in the series against the Coyotes, today at 3pm EDT on NBC!
I have just recently started getting into hockey, and I have been keeping up a little. I kept up more when the Predators will still alive. The Kings are looking pretty ustoppable and after the Devils and the Rangers beat each other up, I am not sure either will have enough to beat the Kings.
I hear ya franklinguy52, Injurys and poor play knocked the Wings out of the first round to your Preds, and ya talk about them Kings, whats the score right now? Took the Rangers in the First period in yesterdays game, 11 minutes to make one shot on goal, but won it at the end, Devils Marty B. goal tenders age is slowly gaining on him! Crazy playoff year I say!
I generally only watch a few hockey games a year. To be honest, it kinda bores me a bit to watch it on TV. That said, I had more fun at the only Stars game I've been to than I have at any other professional sporting event. The atmosphere in the stadium during the game was completely different, for the better.