Football #100 En Route!!!!


Bench Warmer
Well as some of you may know, I was getting close to a milestone in my player collection and I finally picked up that 100th Game Used card of Marino... so in celebration of that big ebay win... I am going to make a list... a break down of all 100 of my Marino GU'd cards... I will also provide links to all cards when all are actually in my possession... dear Mr. Postman, dont fail me now!!!!

30 White swatches (1 of which is a Jumbo)

38 Green Swatches (2 of which are Jumbo)

11 Multi-color patches (3 of which come from the Fins logo)

2 Orange Swatches

1 Dark Navy Blue Swatch

1 Navy College Jersey Swatch

1 Red Jumbo jersey Swatch (Pro Bowl Uni)

3 Football Swatches (all multicolored, 1 has laces too)

1 Piece of a bench

1 Piece of turf

1 Face Mask card

4 Multi memorbilia or green/white swatch cards

1 Helmet piece

4 Auto/Jersey cards... (all have green Swatches)

and the ever important

1 SOCK card....

There you have it.... 100 GU'd... who said dreams cant come true? Now, I'm off to search for more...
well done TIMMEH!

can't wait to see your pics, and we should find your old mailman and lay upon him a philly greeting card!