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1 Pack of 2011 Totally Certified


TCZ's #1 Manningham collector
Went to the LCS and picked up a pack of 2011 Totally Certified FB, here is what I got...


Steven Jackson
Dwayne Bowe
Jamaal Charles
Cam Newton RC

and the hit...

Ryan Mallett Jersey/Auto #68/200 (PC)


TCZ's #1 Manningham collector
Overall I was very pleased with the pack. I have been looking to add a Mallett auto to my U of M PC for a while, and it was nice to pull one instead of buying one.


TP9 | VC15
Too bad the base RC and the Auto couldn't have swapped players for you. Still not a bad hit to get though. Who knows, he might become the next Tom Brady.


TCZ's #1 Manningham collector
Trust me, I would have much rather pulled the Newton auto then sold it and bought a Mallett and still had plenty of money left over, but I am happy with this pull and will probably purchase some more of these real soon.