1 card while I was gone

Poopy Pants

Bench Warmer
i agree, keep one of each of the SPA's especially if you have a gold one

that's nice, you have 5 more than i do, i can't even get my hands on 1 Drew, too expensive

I didn't know you had that much Calhoun stuff. :clap: Keep one SPA and the SPA and sell the rest to buy Exquisites.

I really dont like parallels, so Im thinking about keeping my best looking patch and selling the rest. Here is what I have right now. I would keep the middle top patch.


ok keep the 3/5 and damn, alot of those patches are nice so it's hard to choose from

definately keep a regular and the 3/5 one
Sweet pickup. As far as your others, sell them all but the top middle and pick up more sick ass exquisite patches. I sort of don't really like paralells either so if you get a great offer on it take it and get more exquisites