07 Press pass stuff for sale or trade



Alright well Im still working on the 06 set and the more i keep the 07 stuff around it makes me wanna do that set as well so they have gotta go. I have the Following and only a few are not scanned in the bucket sorry for that but im moving in 12 days and i need to get some stuff packed. Im looking for 06 press pass autos, derek hagan, nd players or 07 dolphins rc stuff.

Kevin Kolb 22/50
Kolby Smith (SE)

Adam Carriker
Scott Chandler
Scott Chandler /50
Kenny Irons /200
Charles Johnson
Paul WIlliams
Courtney Taylor
Dwayne Bowe "D.BO"
Jamaal Anderson /200
Aaron Ross /100
Selvin Young ~ Gridiron Graphs
Kevin Kolb ~ Gridiron Graphs
you willing to trade anything out of the pc? and i know what im looking at will need more added to the deal
actually the two i were wanting more were tim brown and the marino rc

sold the Tim Brown auto too, have the Marino rookie, do you have a list of other stuff or a site I could look through, not saying that I am moving it, but I will look.