Basketball 07-08 Bowman CASE BREAK V with Scans!!


Bench Warmer
not nearly as good of a case as my last 2 but not terrible, but pretty amazing the gold refractor rookies i got in that 3 of the 4 were the top tier of 07-08 rcs. i finally got a stuckey auto rc - my first in 5 hobby cases, 1 retail case, and 20+ random boxes. i got a nash dual jersey card that i think has some sort of patches from an allstar uniform so that was cool.

Break Results with Scans HERE!!

7/15/08: 07-08 Bowman Case V

Box 1:

chrome rookies: oden, byars, haluska, chandler
bowman rookies: almond, m williams, scola
bowman parallels: cook bronze rc /399
chrome parallels: haluska /299, sean williams black rc /199 & al thornton gold rc /99 - same pack
jerseys: deng, parker dual bronze /50
auto: nichols redemption /599

Box 2:

chrome rookies: j green, durant, almond, brooks
bowman rookies: koponen, n young, law
bowman parallels: gordon bronze /399
chrome parallels: sean williams rc /299, deng black /199, chandler xfractor /50, redd /299
jerseys: parker triple /99, hawes dual /199
auto: dudley /599

Box 3:

chrome rookies: thornton, brewer, belinelli
bowman rookies: durant, strawberry, haluska
bowman parallels: marbury bronze /399
chrome parallels:
jerseys: duncan, crittenton
auto: t green black /99

Box 4:

chrome rookies: lasme, gray, koponen
bowman rookies: b wright, crittenton, noah
bowman parallels: gomes silver /199, koponen rc bronze /399
chrome parallels: korver /299, jason smith gold rc /99
jerseys: hamilton, carmelo
auto: stuckey /599 - my first one in around 8 total cases

Box 5:

chrome rookies: conley, chandler, m williams, hawes
bowman rookies: landry, davidson
bowman parallels: mo williams bronze /399, dwight howard gold /99, strawberry rc silver /199
chrome parallels: redd black /199, alston /299
jerseys: deng, howard
auto: brandan wright /479

Box 6:

chrome rookies: sessions, thornton, belinelli, j wright
bowman rookies: terry, m williams, mcguire
bowman parallels: jason smith bronze /399
chrome parallels: gordon black /199, dunleavy + lee /299, conley gold rc /99
jerseys: j green, ray allen dual /199
auto: marcus williams /479

Box 7:

chrome rookies: byars, oden, haluska, chandler
bowman rookies: almond, sessions, scola
bowman parallels: j richardson bronze /399, diaw silver /199
chrome parallels: landry rc /299, marcus williams black /199
jerseys: brand, nash dual bronze /50
auto: mcroberts

Box 8:

chrome rookies: yi, gray, brewer
bowman rookies: mcroberts, yi
bowman parallels: conley silver rc /199, marvin + crawford bronze /399, kobe gold /99
chrome parallels: hill rc /299, hughes xfractor /50
jerseys: gerald wallace triple bronze /50, sean williams
auto: t green /599

Box 9:

chrome rookies: durant, m williams, conley
bowman rookies: j smith, books, j green
bowman parallels: gooden silver /199, randolph + kapono bronze /399
chrome parallels: aldridge /299, yi gold ref rc /99
jerseys: richardson, wade
auto: jason smith /479

Box 10:

chrome rookies: chandler, haluska, oden, scola
bowman rookies: j smith, thornton, brooks
bowman parallels: terry bronze /399, conley rc silver /199
chrome parallels: nelson /299, maggette black /199
jerseys: yao, marion
auto: landry

Box 11:

chrome rookies: jordan, chandler, hawes, curry
bowman rookies: s williams, gray, thornton
bowman parallels: afflalo bronze rc /399
chrome parallels: afflalo black rc /199, artest black /199, prince + landry /299
jerseys: noah, horford triple /99
auto: afflalo /599

Box 12:

chrome rookies: tucker, noah, cook, crittenton, mejia, b wright
bowman rookies: fazekas, t green, conley, curry
bowman parallels: terry silver /199, paul + jamison + glen davis rc bronze /399
chrome parallels: garnett + marvin + oden rc /299, dirk black /199, camby + yao xfractor /50
jerseys: magic triple /99, howard #2, wade #2
auto: pruitt /599, crittenton /599