Basketball 07-08 Bowman CASE BREAK IV with Scans!!


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this was like the exact reverse of my last case. the last one the first half was bad and the 2nd half was great, this was just the opposite. plus this hot box was really disappointing. good case overall though!!

All Available for sale only - pm me with offers!!

7/8/08: 07-08 Bowman Case IV

Box 1:

chrome rookies: stuckey, t young, terry, noah
bowman rookies: almond, marcus williams
bowman parallels: yi rc bronze /399, conley rc silver /199, mo williams gold /99
chrome parallels: byars rc /299, parker black /199, dirk /299, bynum gold /99
jerseys: stuckey, duncan
auto: landry /599

Box 2:

chrome rookies: sessions x2, cook
bowman rookies: yi, mcguire
bowman parallels: jason terry gold /99, lee & bibby bronze /399
chrome parallels: prince black /199, josh smith /299, crittenton /299, thaddeus young gold /99
jerseys: hamilton #1, kidd
auto: brooks /599

Box 3:

chrome rookies: jordan, chandler, koponen, almond
bowman rookies: chandler, lasme, t green
bowman parallels: davidson rc bronze /399
chrome parallels: law rc black /199, kapono xfractor /50, conley rc /299, hamilton black /199
jerseys: conley, deron williams triple silver /25
auto: gray /599

Box 4:

chrome rookies: gray, durant, mcguire, davidson
bowman rookies: belinelli, byars, horford
bowman parallels: conley rc bronze /399, kidd silver /199
chrome parallels: dwight howard /299, jordan black /199
jerseys: brandan wright bronze /50, hawes
auto: greg oden /479

Box 5:

chrome rookies: yi, afflalo, strawberry
bowman rookies: pruitt, jordan
bowman parallels: mcguire rc gold /99, gooden silver /199, brewer rc bronze /399
chrome parallels: oden black /199, arenas /299
jerseys: law #1, shaq #1
auto: lasme
printing plate 1/1: joakim noah rc black plate

Box 6:

chrome rookies: belinelli, crittenton, brewer, j green
bowman rookies: terry, almond, marcus williams
bowman parallels: billups silver /199, tucker bronze /399
chrome parallels: deng xfractor /50, webber /299
jerseys: brand triple bronze /50, horford
auto: lasme gold /50

Box 7:

chrome rookies: mcguire, durant, curry, gray
bowman rookies: chandler, curry, t green
bowman parallels: crawford bronze /399, thornton rc silver /199
chrome parallels: conley rc xfractor /50, brewer rc /299, shaq /299, arenas black /199
jerseys: deng, allen
auto: hawes /479

Box 8:

chrome rookies: n young, nichols, landry, tucker
bowman rookies: tucker, j green
bowman parallels: bogut bronze /399, pruitt rc silver /199, korver gold /99
chrome parallels: kirilenko & harrington /299, rasheed wallace gold /99
jerseys: kobe, noah dual /199
auto: pruitt #1

Box 9:

chrome rookies: afflalo, mejia, b wright, yi
bowman rookies: brewer, mcroberts, davis
bowman parallels: mason bronze /399
chrome parallels: hawes rc black /199, brooks rc /299
jerseys: pau, shaq #1
auto: pruitt #2

Box 10:

chrome rookies: oden, t green, lasme, conley
bowman rookies: landry, davidson
bowman parallels: b wright rc bronze /399, byars rc gold /99, hughes silver /199
chrome parallels: g wallace /299, mike miller black /199
jerseys: bibby, bird dual silver /25
auto: davidson
printing plate 1/1: yao ming yellow

Box 11:

chrome rookies: stuckey, terry, t young, noah
bowman rookies: mejia, stuckey
bowman parallels: boozer bronze /399, sessions rc gold /99
chrome parallels: carmelo + maggette /299, fazekas rc black /199
jerseys: bibby dual /199, nick young bronze /50
auto: herbert hill gold /50

Box 12 (Hot Box):

chrome rookies: sessions, yi, j wright, thornton, byars, belinelli
bowman rookies: stuckey, jordan, cook, mejia, gray
bowman parallels: iverson gold /99, redick silver /199, josh smith + jason smith rc bronze /399
chrome parallels: scola rc + eddy curry /299, v carter black /199, granger gold /99, harrington xfractor /50
jerseys: magic johnson dual /199, g wallace, hamilton #2, law #2
auto: jordan /599, nichols /599 redemption

scans at Brian's Basketball Cards: Come look around!
Man you always pull some NICE stuff :)

Maybe you will have more chance of moving the Yao and Noah plates if you made a specific thread for them ;)