06 Press Pass Steal!!!



So I am browsing on the bay the other night looking for people I need for the set and come across a Chris Hannon silver for 4 bin and 3 s&h. So I click on it and much to my surprise this pops up


Well here is the print run from Beckett and Press Pass:

Chris Hannon

Bronze Red Ink (10)
Bronze Blue Ink "Chris Hannon #13 Spiderman" (1)
Bronze Blue Ink "Go Vols" (3)
Bronze Blue Ink "C Hannon" (2)
Bronze Blue Ink "One Three" (3)
Bronze Blue Ink "Spiderman" (4)
Silver Red Ink (13)
Silver Blue Ink "Vol Nation" (1)
Silver Blue Ink "Go Vols" (1)
Gold Red Ink (14)
Blue Red Ink (13)

Im very happy and thank you for looking
that right there is why I don't sell press pass. The variations kill me. Knowing my luck, I'd pull a JaMarcus Russell, sell it for $100 and be happy then find out is was a 1/1 inscription.:mad:

Great snag though!!! :salut:
thank you to all, glad that after thousands of clicks i found a nice addition to the set