05/6 cards in SPA 06/7, True Rookies?


retired hippie
Anyone know if the 2005/06 cards from last year that are being inserted into 2006/07 UD SPA are considered true r/c's? :scratch:
I believe that yes they are true rookies. Supposedly they were supposed to be packed out as a seperate update or such last year, never happened. That is why spa is loaded this year.
Yep they are. Like Brett said, SPA bombed so bad last year that they never released wave 2 of the product volume. They instead took all the hits and inserted them as extras in the 06/07 product to redeem the product value in the eyes of the consumer. SPA boxes from 05/06 were selling at close to half original MSRP a while after release as the value was so poor (and that's even with Crosby & Ovechkin in it).