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    Best Christmas Ever!!!!

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    Another Rarey Holiday Freebie!!!

    Nice! B-)
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    Merry Christmas TCG!

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    Bulger out ... that means 1 thing.

    About the best thing us Seahawks fans can hope (?) for is Holmgren coming back to man the Helm..... Word is that it may happen....
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    Kyle Boller is dating....

    pfft. She's only "hot' if you stick those fake boobies to a hot-plate. Fake-a-ROO! Seriously guys, why do you go for this kinda fake ta-tas? Are the real things that bad to you? If so... there are blow-up dolls that will suffice..... They don't even insist on you wearing a condom...
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    6 card mailday, milestone hit, and I hate UD

    "Kiss my ass"? Damn, domestic life has made you one mellow dude! :shock: Nice haul grab...
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    Oprah quitting

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    If DeMeco makes it big, I'm rich...

    Dude, at least you live up to your sig-toon :cool:
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    My most recent pickups

    WTG Zeeckster! :salut:
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    Adding insult to injury... then it got worse

    So did I! :lollol: The Seahawks kicked ass in the first half, and once again (and I had this argument on the way home with someone) fell on their collective faces once the 2nd half started. I don't know if it was that the other team did a better job of halftime adjustments, the Seahawks did...
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    Mohamed Massaquoi Mail

    Nice stuff there! I love multicolor patches, you know ;)
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    Seahawks owner has lymphoma I know most of you are not Seahawks fans, but I'll bet there's quite a bit of you typing on something that Microsoft had a hand in. Paul Allen has survived lymphatic cancer before, and I'm hoping he can beat...
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    check out my guts

    That is just a bit more that I wanted to see of you Jason. At least you were not naked :lollol: