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    MYSTERY BOX - returned home

    I was wondering what the hell happened to my Delhomme jersey. Now I know.
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    Orange Bowl

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    ???Controversy???Split Title???

    For the record...In my thread on CP I posted a link to an article. It wasn't just my opinion. enjoy
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    ???Controversy???Split Title???

    I think USC is a good team but beating the crap out of Illinois proved nothing. They shouldn't have been in the Rose Bowl at all. I still think Deja Vu of a split title is very possible.
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    JoeyV freebies,A PC addition and a few pack pulls

    enjoy Doug:salut:
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    Great freebie day from Joey!!

    glad they made it
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    07 Bowman Chrome & Leaf Limited LIVE BREAK NOW!@

    Pm me on the Craig Davis Refractor and the Russell Rc
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    To everyone

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    Does Ohio State deserve......

    :pop: Waiting for Rex
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    Does Ohio State deserve......

    LSU also won their conference/conference championship game without their starting quarterback and without they star defensive player. I think they will be the same team that kicked the crap out of VT earlier in the year. After the layoff they should all be 100% healthy. Ohio St. sadly...
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    What do college players get for going to a bowl game?

    :salut: For Bounty's Sig :salut:
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    Just Got Back from ????

    Go to hell :ban:
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    TCG mailday and a sweet steal.

    He once addressed a bubble to me as a: c/o Cajun Goat love prick
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    2 boxes of 07 Absolute Memorabilia retail

    Nice Meachem