Contest is Over! Super Bowl Square Contest for Group Break Credit Prizes! $1 per square!

Okay I just randomized the score column numbers. I'll fill in the grid with everybody's names and will post here so you all know what scores to root for during the Super Bowl. Let me know if there are any questions. Good luck to everybody!
Never done one of these. How exactly do I score? Lol
You just have to have the score of the game at the end of the quarter, half, third quarter, or final match your numbers. If the first quarter score was Chiefs 7 and 49ers 0, then the member in that block at that intersection would win. The same would be true if the score was Chiefs 17 and 49ers 10 and that same block would win since it is based on the last digit of the score.
Yes, thanks Brian for explaining.

And to further complicate things I have added the reverse score payouts so with Brian’s example of Chiefs 7 and 49ers 0 after the first quarter ends whoever has Chiefs 7 and 49ers 0 would win $10 break credit for having the correct score numbers for end of first quarter…and the reverse score would be Chiefs 0 and 49ers 7 so the person who had that would win $5 break credit.

I’ll post winners here after each quarter ends so everybody knows…and so you guys can double check me lol.
0-0 after first quarter so Butch’s Buddy wins $10 break credit for the first quarter and $5 break credit for the reverse first quarter score!