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    MJ Card

    Looking for Spurs or Kobe Cards .
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    WTTF: Tony Parker

    No I only collect basketball , I have some baseball and football my so gave me .
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    Any Interest in This Card

    Lmk what you can trade , looking for Spurs or Kobe Bryant Cards
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    WTTF: Tony Parker

    Also found this #88-J , your list only had #88 ?
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    WTTF: Tony Parker

    Need something very nice for this one
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    WTTF: Tony Parker

    Ok I will keep thes two and keep looking .
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    Any Interest In These

    Topps black gold winner B Topps Future Star Manny Ramirez
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    WTTF: Tony Parker

    Any Interest in these , still going through my collection for more I can let go. If you see any thing you want I will hold them till we have enough cards to mail . Topps Chrome Tony Parker #81 -2007 Topps Rookie X Pectations #127 Tony Parker Topps Clutch City #ccs18 -2006 Topps Pristine #108...
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    Graded Cards For Trade

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    Tim Duncan Upper Deck Rookie

    Here you go , looking for nice Spurs I don’t have or Kobe thanks.
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    Tim Duncan Upper Deck Rookie

    Any interest in a graded Tim Duncan Rookie .
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    For Trade Jason Kid

    Superior Pix Classic 1995 #2/30
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    For Trade Carmelo Anthony Rokies

    Cards for trade looking for Spurs Cards I don’t have .
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    Rookie Vince Carter’s Plus Refractor

    Topps Finest Finest Rookie Card #230 Fleer Ultra Rookies # 106 Stadium Club Chrome Refractor #50 -2000