Basketball Your vote actually counts, so who ya got for MVP?


Bench Warmer
Rather than arguing about who is the best player in the NBA, why don't you do something about it?

What's that? You don't have an MVP vote?

Wrong! Kind of.

For the first time in major pro sports history, fans have a vote in the Most Valuable Player race. By voting at from Apr. 1 to Apr. 15, the winner of the fan vote counts one of the 125 votes used to determine this year's MVP. That's pretty cool, you guys.

Mark Tatum told USA Today the reasoning behind letting fans vote.

"The impetus was how do we continue to engage our fans, empower our fans and get them involved and reward them for being fans of the NBA," executive vice president of NBA global marketing partnerships Mark Tatum said. "They cheer our players all throughout the year, and it's only right that they have an opportunity to determine who the league MVP should be."

We've earned it, I think. All those posts, chats, comments, and arguments and now we get to cast votes for the MVP and have it actually count for something. That's excellent.

Now all we have to do is agree on who's the best player in the NBA this season which should be really easy and not cause any fights at all. I'll be voting for Brad Miller(notes), obviously.