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Just got off the phone with my insurance company regarding my surgery

100% covered

That includes, hospital stay, hospital bill, Doctor doing the surgery and the assistant Doctor helping.

I was afraid i was going to get hosed for like 3k out of the 20k surgery. So now I am relieved now and not so nervous about going through with it.
Geez...this is coming up soon Cris.

Great news and hoping everything goes perfect for you.

yep next friday is the day for me. pre op on thursday and friday i go in and won't be around for a few days

still gotta figure out how to sneak my cell phone in, so you guys know i'm alive and made it. mom isn't willing to "break the rules" for me and they won't let me hold on to my phone so i might have to sucker my younger bro
This means that i don't have to fire sell some of my PC to be able to pay the extra


That's good news!

Hope everything goes well for ya! Surgery on anything is never any fun.
i figure if this surgery fixes the numbness in my foot and the pain in my ass, i'll do it

today was the first of 3 doc appointments to make sure i can "survive" the surgery. had to have chest x rays and ekg within 10 days of surgery, than have to do blood work on monday after work cause that needs to be done within 7 days or it's no good (like i'm going to introduce more drugs because the pain gets to be too bad), and then last but no least, i have to do a UA 3 days before surgery to show i'm not pregnant. well if i was the xrays today would have effed up the baby..........DUH

anyone got any good ideas on how to sneak my phone in without my family knowing? i have a few people i have to text after i become somewhat coherant and i have to call a friend at work the day of so she knows i lived and then the next day i have to call someone on the way home.