WWE News: Update on Gregory Helms return


Bench Warmer
For those of you who have been asking when Gregory Helms will be returning, we have some not so good news. In a statement released via his myspace page, he said the neck is healing fairly well. However, he has nerve damage that will take some time to heal, if it heals. Below is the full statement:

"Hey everyone! First of all, I want to thank everyone for the over-whelming support that's been shown me since my injury. I know I'm way past due in letting my supporter's know how I'm doing, so without further ado (you have to say that with a foreigh accent of some sort) here we go. :) The neck seems to be doing good. But, and there's always a "but" isn't there, the difference in my neck injury and others in the sport of pro wrestling that have suffered a similar injury is the amount of actual nerve damage that I sustained. So while my neck seems to be okay, I have nerve damage in both arms that pretty much keeps me in pain on a daily basis. On a good day, it's tolerable, on a bad day I can't even hold a book. Which for someone who reads as much as I do, that is a significant pain in the *** as well as arms. On a bad day, video games are completely out of the question, which doesn't seem to bother me too much as Talia takes entirely too much enjoyment at beating my *** in whatever video games we play. Although, she has learned first hand why I've never ever lost a game of Trivia Pursuit! :) The physical therapy at this point mainly consists of walking and slight stretching movements to keep the old "bag of bones" from getting too stiff and out of shape. Nerve damage, it appears heals at about 1/10 the rate of muscle or bone, so it's just going to take time to fully recover, how much time is the question? So there ya go, once again, thanks for all the support, I look forward to coming back and kicking people in the head as soon as I can! :) I'll be posting another blog soon letting you know about what I've been up to lately. Trust me, it's been wild!"