WWE Downplaying Sexuality Of The Divas


Bench Warmer
Vince McMahon recently made the call to downplay the sexiness of the WWE Divas again. He made a similar call back in the spring, but it lasted for about a week. Some believe that he's trying to book WWE in a more family friendly way since the kids audience has grown significantly while the adult audience has fallen since the Benoit murders. Internally, there is concern that the portrayal of the women as sex objects could backfire with so many major media pieces coming. Vince said that they are looking to attract viewers from every demo and for the creative team to not be short sighted in who potential viewers are.
dbackfan12 said:
Divas matches bore me anyways I dont even watch them unless there is Mickie Jame hubba hubba ;) lol jk.......or am I.......

LOL you don't wanna know what she did before she got into wrestling:D
Yeah wOMEN Matches are boring ... but i dont mind them standing at ringside with just a bikini on ... or in their Undies ... either way ...