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WWE Diva Kiss the Card for Football



I got these as part of a trade. I don't collect WWE. I'm more interested in Football especially Packers. PM works best for me. I will be tide up for most of Saturday. Let me know what you have to trade. Looking for Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews, and Eddy Lacy. The bv from top to bottom, left to right $100, $40, $120, and A.J. Lee $225.


Hi, I cant see the pics, who are the first 3? Ive got a few Lacys, partial chrome rainbow up to Blue /199, Contenders rc auto, and about 20-25 mid-low end rcs. Lmk, thanks!


2013 Naomi ($40), 2014 Nikki Bella ($100), and 2014 Summer Ray ($120) = (BV)
The picture turned out ok on other sites but not this one for some reason.

Diva Kiss Card.JPG


Ok, interested in the Nikki Bella, also AJ if we can get a fair deal, but Bella is my main want. :) The Contenders auto (regular version, no SP) Id only include to get the AJ though, its a bit sentimental to me. :) Pics of these should be in my bucket in PC NFT Eddie lacy. If it isn't listed here though and is a nicer one its been sold, lol.

2013 Chrome Eddie Lacy:
orange refractor
Blue Wave refractor
Purple refractor 434/499
Camo refractor 236/499
Pink Refractor 337/399
Prism refractor 144/260
Black refractor 172/299
Blue refractor 095/199

Eddie lacy Mid-low notables:
Bowman Gold Foil 269/399
Strata Orange parallel rc
Platinum Camo ribbon
Platinum Orange Flame rc
Chrome 59, 69, and 84 variation inserts
Chrome base rc
R&S base
Platinum base
Strata Hobby (thick)
Fnest base
Prizm Rookie Impact

EDIT: forgot my old bucket is in my sig, use this link instead :) :
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I'm all in for a fair deal. My primary interest is in the Eddie Lacy RC Auto as long its in great condition. I normally do a one for one trade. I'm showing in the latest Beckett (Sept 2014) the Lacy Auto RC BV is $120 like I said the Bella's BV is $100 and the AJ is $225.

I'm interest in the Eddie Lacy's Auto and true RC's, so if you want to list prices that equal to the same amount as the Bella and the AJ combined ($325) If you could tell me which RC cards/prices you'd throw in with Auto id be interested.


Unfortunately I don't know any BVs, I usually go by SVs or common sense. I have no problem trading by BV but cant help out on pricing them, lol. The only ones I know are th3e Camo and Purple @20BV because they were listed on feeBay with the BV in the title, LOL! Feel free to shoot me an offer that equals up to 325 BV and we can go from there if you wish.


I take it this is 2013 Topps Chrome Eddie Lacy?:

Refractor $ 9
xfractor $ 12
orange refractor $ 12
Blue Wave refractor $ 12
Purple refractor 434/499 $ 20
Camo refractor 236/499 $ 20
Pink Refractor 337/399 $ 24
Prism refractor 144/260 $ 30
Black refractor 172/299 $ 30
Blue refractor 095/199 $ 30


2013 Contenders RC Auto + $120

Platinum Camo ribbon $ unknown

I'm good with this let me know. its been a while since I've post a trade. I might need help.