WTTF Still need 10 Topps Series 1 Base for the set


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Still trying to complete 1 last set of 2023 Topps Series 1, and need the following:

26 Grisham
91 Naylor
108 Cobb
131 Bellinger
136 Bundy
157 Vazquez
201 Larnach
203 G. Sanchez
252 A. Meadows
260 Chapman

For anyone who has all 10, I'm aware of the mailing issue, so willing to trade slightly in your favor, or alternatively I have absolutely no problem if you want to mail 2 or 3 PWE. That's good too. I have a ton of stuff to trade that isn't really fully documented at this point, but just let me know what you're looking for. Thanks for the help!

Hey Doug,

I have all 10 and I’ll send them your way. Think of me fondly when you start getting Series 2 Silver Pack cards.

Wow. Thank you Andy! I definitely will keep you posted about the S2 silver packs.

Do you have any current wants?
I need the series 1 silver pack Riley Greene and a few 2022 Chrome update ASG cards. Other than that, not much that isn’t vintage