WTTF Peyton, Reggie, Donald Brown or any other Colts gu'd and autos


Bench Warmer
Looking for Colts autos and gu'd mostly Peyton, Reggie Wayne and Donald Brown. Cmb and let's do some trading. Haven't done many trades in the last couple weeks.


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i got 2 wayne patches and 1 harrison i can get rid of for not much
pics are on bucket

i'll take that felix patch if your gettin rid of


Bench Warmer
Hey bro I have a ton of GU, I could put something together for you for a little bit of Paypal, if you want to buy then just LMK the amount of paypal and I will put together somthing.....If you want to trade I am mainly looking for manning if I am trading my colts pc...LMK