WTTF: Nate Davis & Tarvaris Jackson autos and multi-colored patches


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Got these...

hunter082006 said:
Does anyone have any?

Got these Nasty Nates, LMK if you're interested.

Nate Davis 2009 Bowman Sterling -Base(B) , #148 , S/N 206/250 , Auto , Relic ,RC
Nate Davis 2009 Finest -Rookie Jersey Autographs Red Refractors , #72 , S/N 12/15 , Auto , Relic Red Swatch ,RC
Nate Davis 2009 Gridiron Gear -Gridiron Gems Jerseys Combos Prime , #219 , S/N 11/50 , Relic 2 Red swatches/football ,RC
Nate Davis 2009 Topps Chrome -Rookie Autographs , #193 , Auto ,RC


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I have this for $15 dlvd. #ed to his pro jersey number.



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I can use them both. What do you need? I have a 05 Reflections Gates/Crumpler dual auto/50. It books for $50. I can trade it, if you can add another smaller card.