WTTF Johnny Bench!!!

I have a 2003 sweet spot classic johnny bench GU bat card. What red sox stuff do you have GU/ AU? Also, Do you have any jacoby ellsbury/ clay buchholz?
Got a 1969 Bench All star #430
I have one Johnny Bench 2nd year card in my bucket, and an All Time Greats Auto on E-Bay for sale under seller ID; gromer Thanks.

1 I do most of my trading on another site
2 i work 15 hours a day so time is limited

So if you cant wait a few days for me to respond be sure to never post in one of my threads again!!
Pasttimesports said:
haha..making friends again Jim...anyway...James..I have some base and inserts from the 70-present if you'd be interest in those.

Yes sir i would there is a bunch that i need. Post me a list and i will get back to you as soon as possible!! Thanks
Uncle ted im gonna have to pass the only thing i see that i can use is the front row auto and i dont believe that is high end enough for you.......