wttf 2022 bowman and prizm draft


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i dont have 2022 draft yet but many years and brands to trade on my www google page.

needs are===
2022 bowman draft needs--holiday-bdc168,--- prizm draft pdp-1
druw jones- prizm draft pdp-2
elijah green--bdc23---prizm draft pdp-5
brooks lee-bdc153---prizm draft pdp-8
gavin cross-bdc6---prizm draft pdp-9
chase delauter-bdc49---prizm draft pdp-16
justin crawford- prizm draft pdp-17
cam collier- prizm draft pdp-18
spencer jones- prizm draft pdp-25
drew gilbert-bdc152--prizm draft pdp-28
xavier isaac- prizm draft pdp-29
sterlin thompson- prizm draft pdp-31
sal stewart-bdc122 prizm draft pdp-32